The “single” bracelet summarizes in the simplicity the winning weapon. Cut, edged and hand-stitched by Stefania in our workshop in Venice, it has a processing time of about 20 minutes. Worn it is light and comfortable in every season. The hypoallergenic brass horse reflects the shining light. A wrist light point suitable for every situation. Button closure for practicality and durability.

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Our claim is “love everything equestrian“. With this we intend to summarize our commitment to satisfy a small world, the equestrian one, where many enthusiasts would like to “live”. A world where everything that surrounds us leads to that animal so fascinating. The fabrics, the accessories in all their forms, the jewels and who knows in the future how many other product categories can be explored by Desori. The passion for something, for a sport like in our case is essential to make yourself satisfied. Feeling full and engaged with gratification in return is at the basis of a man’s physical and mental well-being. Follow your passions, they will make you happy.

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